Florida’s cancel culture agenda needs to stop!

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 Here in Florida, our freedom is under attack. It is up to us to exercise that power by fighting for the teaching of honest history, fighting for the resources our schools and our communities deserve, and fighting at the ballot box to create the positive change we know is possible.

While the road to freedom is long, when we fight together using our voices, we can preserve our history and demand the respect we deserve for ourselves and for future generations to come.

When we stand together, our collective voice becomes a force that cannot be ignored. Our unity empowers us to influence change, challenge injustice, and shape a society that values the rights and dignity of every individual.

Our strength lies in our diversity. By coming together, we bring a multitude of perspectives, experiences, and talents to the table. This diversity enriches our understanding, fosters creativity, and fuels the engine of progress.

Our unified front serves as an inspiration for others. When people see a community standing up for justice, they are encouraged to join the cause. Our actions have a ripple effect, creating a wave of positive change that extends beyond our immediate efforts.

Honoring our history, shaping our future webinar

In recognition of Black History Month 2024, the Our Voices Coalition and partners hosted a webinar that explores the intersection of voting rights, education, and Black history in Florida. Watch the recording below to see the groups delve into the historical context of voter disfranchisement, the current state of voting inequities, and the impact of harmful education policies.

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 If you’re as outraged as we are about what’s happening in our state, then it’s time to take action. Sign up to stay informed and learn more about how you can get involved and be a part of making a change. Together, we can hold our government accountable and protect the values of all Floridians.

Now is the time to use our voices to fight for our freedom, to preserve our history, and to build a brighter future for us all.

Our coalition is made up of organizations and individuals who share our passion for a better Florida. The Our Voices, Our History, Our Future Coalition is proudly supported by a varitey of organizations fighting for our freedom to achieve the future we deserve.


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